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Online casino deals are often brushed off as being unimportant and, realistically, you should consider all sides of an internet casino before you make a decision. But if you're going to be playing regardless, it would be crazy to ignore this (mostly) free money! So no matter where you end up playing, make sure you make the most of these opportunities. The only thing you need to do is learn what really makes for a good welcome bonus and what tricks some casinos try to use to avoid paying out their Australian online casino deals. There are only a few things to look for, but the difference is quite significant.

The Many Types of Bonuses

A genuinely good online casino bonus should make things easier for you. Avoid the offers that are clearly too good to be true and focus on the fundamentals. You want to get enough money to help you get an edge and the secret is to limit the amount of wagering you have to do to clear it. You should also consider whether or not you can redeem your bonus over the course of several deposits - these are some of the best online casino deals. A $1,000 bonus which can be redeemed, piece by piece, with five smaller deposits, is infinitely more useful for Aussie players that aren't already fabulously wealthy.

The clearing requirements of any bonus package tell you a lot about the site that is offering it. This isn't the information that appears in big, bold letters on their homepage, and it is the absolute most common way for an online casino to take advantage of players. Essentially all of these types of bonuses need to be "cleared." This means that you have to gamble a certain amount, usually a multiple of the bonus amount, before you can actually withdraw the bonus funds. If you receive a $500 bonus with a 10x wagering minimum, you must wager (win or lose) $5,000 total between your different bets and whatever is left at the end can be withdrawn. Wagering minimums vary widely and many online casinos don't count the money wagered at certain table games. Read the fine print if you want to protect yourself - you have been warned.

Get Your Casino Bonus Today

So now that you know what makes a good bonus and why bonuses are so important, all that's left to do is choose which one you want to cash in on. There are all kinds of people that claim to want to point you in the right direction (many with hidden motives) so we've stepped up to the plate to try to help you make this important decision. Our team of reviewers has found the best casino deals online, and we're only listing the absolute top online casinos for Australian players. Check out our listing and delve into the detailed reviews for more information. Rest assured, though, that there are no bad options displayed here! These are all among the most prestigious online casinos. So what could you possibly be waiting for? Sign up at one of these online casinos to get your bonus today!