Your Guide to Why Online Casinos are Popular with Australian Players

Australian Online Casinos - Reasons to play

If you're a seasoned gambler considering switching to online play, or even if you're new to gambling and want to see what all the fuss is about, there are some obvious advantages to playing in an online casino. From mobile play, to preserving your anonymity, when it comes to gambling in Australia, here's our rundown of why we think online casinos are best.

Instant round the clock access

By far the biggest benefit of gambling online verses visiting a casino is the accessibility. The best online casinos are available around the clock so getting online to play couldn't be easier. Once you have an account set up you're good to go anytime the mood to play strikes. Whether that's from your laptop in the comfort of your own home or on your smartphone while commuting home from work. Accessing the top online casinos in Australia is quick, easy and hassle free, leaving you with more free time to play your favourite games at the touch of a button.

Play with privacy

The beauty of online gambling is it allows you to play with real people for real money but without having to be in the same room. So if you don't have a great poker face, playing at an online casino actually offers you a huge advantage. There's no worry about having to hide your obvious delight when you're onto a winning hand because your opponents can't actually see you.

Playing at an online casino offers you a huge advantage as your opponents can't actually see you

Your identity is 100% hidden. You don't even have to use your real name, in fact most online players prefer to use a pseudonym, or a gambling alter ego if you like. You could be playing against your next door neighbour and not even know it. So if you do end up taking someone for a large sum of money there's no concern about any repercussions either.

Cash out with confidence

The majority of bricks and mortar casinos still deal exclusively in cash which, when you're dealing with large stakes of money, can be quite unsettling. No one wants to walk around with hundreds of Australian dollars in their pocket. The best online casinos have the edge because there's no question of handling real cash. All of your winnings get deposited into your account instantly so when you do clean up you can cash out and have the funds in your account there and then.

When you win you can cash out instantly so the money is in your account straight away

Likewise when you want to buy in or up your stake, depositing funds into your account couldn't be easier, so there's no need to leave a game in order to do this, all it takes is one click of a button and you can continue playing to your hearts content.

Play anywhere, anytime

The best online casinos in Australia all offer mobile play so you don't have to be in front of a desktop computer to get online and take part. So long as you have a smartphone you can literally log in and access your account from anywhere, so it's never been easier to gamble on the go. The top online casinos have stringent security, so you can access your account with confidence knowing that, no matter where you log in, you'll be playing safely.

Compete with players from other countries

One of the obvious limitations of land casinos is that you can only play with players who are physically in the room with you. If you turn up to a casino on a slow night when there aren't that many punters this can be hugely disappointing, especially when you've made the effort to travel there. The best online casinos welcome players from all over the world, so just because you're playing in Australia, it doesn't necessarily mean your opponent will be too. As well as the social aspect of playing against players from other countries, the advantage of having access to opponents based all around the world is the time zone difference. This means you can always count on a large number of players, no matter what time you sign on to take part. So if it's 3am in Australia and you can't sleep, elsewhere in the world it will be the middle of the day. Meaning you're never short of people to play against, no matter what the local time.

Tax-free winnings every time

Online gambling in Australia is regarded as a hobby, and as such any winnings you do make aren't eligible for tax. This means that the sum you win is 100% yours to keep. Of course there's no guarantees you will win, especially if you're playing against real players, as their skills might be superior to yours, and there's always an element of luck involved as well. But it's nice to know that whenever you do win the pot, you don't have to declare a penny of it.