Playing Poker Online

Australian Online Casinos - Playing poker online

Poker is one of the most popular types of casino games, and today it's played in person at home, in casinos or over the Internet on a range of devices. No matter how you prefer to enjoy poker you can do so, and that's the real benefit of the online gaming communities that are now available.

Why Play Poker Online

Poker is a blast to play and you probably know that if you're reading this article, but why should you play online? After all, you could be enjoying a night over at your mate’s house having a good time while catching up with everyone you haven't seen in a while. There are some real benefits to playing poker in person, but there are other benefits to online poker, the main one is that you can play whenever you like conveniently. You can get into a new game in a matter of minutes and you can enjoy the game for as long as you would like.

The last time you tried to set up a poker night you likely had to coordinate it around everyone's schedule and had a tough time picking a day of the week that worked for everybody. That's not an issue when you play online. Another real benefit of playing online is that you can play for an amount of money you're comfortable with. If you want to play a $1/2$ game in poker online that's fine, and if you have more money to burn you could go up to a 10$/20$ game or higher. There are other players out there who want to bet the same amount that you do and you can get together with them when you want to.

How to Play Poker

If you don't have any experience playing casino poker the main goal of the game is to make the most powerful combination of cards that you can. Every player will have five cards to work with, and with those cards you have to come up with the best combination that you can. In some games you'll be able to toss out some of your cards, and in others you're stuck with what you get initially. You want to make the highest rank hand that you can using the poker rank, and whoever has the highest ranked hand at the end of a game will get all the money everyone bet throughout. A single high card can win a hand, but the winning hands go up in complexity and value all the way to what is known as a royal flush, which is five cards counting from 10 through A of the same suit.

While trying for the best hand that you can get you bet on the cards you have and whether you believe you can beat everyone else playing or not. If you think you'll lose you can fold or throw out your cards and get out of the turn before betting any more money. The ability to bet and fold in poker is where the strategy of the game comes into play, and it's what separates the experts from the amateurs.


Whether you are playing online casino poker or you are playing at home or at a local event it's important to understand how tournaments work. There are online poker tournaments that rely on real money or play money. In these tournaments every player starts out with the same number of chips. The players go up against one another and one by one they lose all their chips. Throughout the game the bet amounts increase and the difficulty goes up. You win a share of the prize money that was put in for the tournament based off of when you are knocked out of the tournament. Depending on the size of the Australian event you will earn money when you come in a range of places. It could be as low as 50th place in tournaments with 100's of people, or as high as 3rd place in a smaller tournament before you earn any real cash for your efforts. There are different variants of poker where tournaments are available but Texas Hold’em is the most popular by far.

Playing on a Mobile

The best characteristics of poker online are made even better when you play on mobile apps. They give you quick access to the casino games of your choosing, and you can get into them wherever you are. There is an app for casino poker where you can bet real money and there are plenty of options that offer both real and play money options. These apps are available in Australia and all around the world for players interested in them.

We've put together a list of the best mobile apps and websites for Texas Hold'em and gambling in general if you're interested in getting started. There are Australian options available and others that will work for people who live in Australia even though they aren't based out of the area. Online casino poker gambling is more fun when you can do it on a mobile app or from the comfort of your own home. So take the time to learn how you can start playing for real cash, without driving to the local casino.