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So you want to learn about blackjack, right? Well, you found just the right page to get you started! We're going to look at where online blackjack came from, how you should play, and what different variations exist. Finally, we want to make sure you know exactly which casinos are perfect for online blackjack players from Australia, so we'll reveal our top recommendations!

If you want a truly definitive answer about the origins of blackjack, you're going to be disappointed. The topic is still up for debate, but many gambling historians will tell you that casino blackjack traces its roots back to French casinos in the 17th century. There was a game called twenty one (well technically, Vingt-et-Un) that was essentially the same as modern online blackjack. Since then, the game has spread to the far corners of the globe. Some reasons for its popularity are its simple rules, relatively fair design, and the simple fact that players can actually put their skills to use to cut into the advantage that the house has and in some cases, eliminate it entirely!

The Role of Skill in Online Blackjack

There are two main ways to try to beat the dealer in online blackjack. The first is using what is known as "basic strategy". These are the guidelines that show you the best move, statistically, to make in any given situation at the online blackjack table. This might seem hard to remember, but there are some simple patterns that you will recognize and, even before this becomes second nature, you can just bring a simple strategy chart (that contains all of this information) to the table with you. Playing with perfect basic strategy will reduce the house's edge to just a fraction of a percent, and it works just as well with online blackjack!

The other kind of casino blackjack strategy is card counting. This requires you to keep track of high and low cards that are dealt, so that you can predict what kinds of cards are left in the deck. The details go beyond the scope of this article, but just know that you don't have to be Rain Man to learn how to count cards and, if you do so, you may actually be able to erase the house's statistical edge! The only downside is that you cannot use card counting when playing online blackjack because online casinos "reshuffle" the deck after every hand.

There are all kinds of different blackjack casino variations out there with names like Double Attack, Double Exposure, and Pontoon. Before you start playing casino blackjack, make sure that you know exactly which one you are playing. The strategy guide (not to mention the rules) for one blackjack game will not work well for another! It's a common mistake, but totally avoidable. Just look at the text printed on the middle of the table layout to verify exactly which version of online blackjack you are playing.

Where to Start Playing Online Blackjack

Even Australian players who know exactly how to play online blackjack rarely know where they should actually play. The rules are usually the same from site to site (although some very small changes can make a big difference), but not all online blackjack casinos are equal. Bonuses, timely payouts, and reliable software will all affect your future success, so this isn't a decision you should take lightly. To see where we think you'll be happiest, browse through our listing of the top blackjack casinos for Aussie players. These are the best of the best!