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Australian Online Casinos - Games Guide

There are all kinds of casino games and with the rise of online gambling, there are even more variations than ever before! After all, even an unpopular game can continue in an online casino, where they aren't wasting floor space. These games are easy to find, relatively simple to learn, and potentially quite profitable! The only hard part is deciding which ones are right for you!

A lot of Australian casino players take their game choice for granted. They always play the same casino games day-in and day-out because that's what they are used to. Taking some time to experiment with different online casino games is a great way to broaden your horizons and you may very well find a better one to play. Game choice, after all, is extremely important - it's basically the first part of your strategy. All casino games offer different player experiences and some are mathematically better than the rest! We'll help you get started by showing you how to play the most common online casino games and then you can use trial and error to decide which game is right for you!

Roulette Best Online Roulette Casinos

The ball spins, it drops, you win big!

Blackjack Best Online Blackjack Casinos

The low house edge is one of the reasons we love Blackjack.

Baccarat Best Online Baccarat Casinos

It's not just for high rollers anymore, learn Baccarat here.

Pokies Best Online Pokies Casinos

Classic 5-Reel to Video slots. Who doesn't love pokies?

What Differentiates Casino Games?

You can point to all kinds of factors that determine what casino games you should play (betting pace, payouts, availability), just don't forget about the most important one of all: the payout percentage. This single number tells you a lot about the statistics of any given online casino game and it makes it extremely easy to compare different games. As you already know, all casino games give the house a statistical advantage (called the "edge"), but some games give the house a greater advantage than others. The payout percentage turns this into a number so that it's easy to evaluate any given game.

The payout percent is a number that tells you what percentage of your wager you can expect to have returned to you (in the long run). A casino game with a payout percentage of 100% would be totally fair because, in the long run, you would win the same amount of money that you wagered. An online casino game with a 90% payout percentage should, over time, keep 10% of the money you put on the line. These numbers are statically accurate, but there will always be lucky Australian players that win big, and unlucky players that go bust every time they step foot into a casino. Having said that, you still want to play the games with the highest payout percentages.

Game Variations and Choice

Ultimately, you should make sure you try out more than just a few casino games. The variety will keep you interested and you never know what new games you might discover. We could sit here talking about every game under the sun but until you sit down and start playing, you won't know what kind of games will really resonate with you. To help you do exactly that, we went ahead and rounded up the sites with the best online casino game variety. Sure, they have great bonuses and spotless reputations (we wouldn't suggest anything less) but the single factor that makes these online casinos so special is how many games they have. Register a free player account to start playing new varieties of online casino games right now!