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Gambling dates back to the prehistoric times, but compared to other developments, the move to digitalized online gambling is an extremely recent change. Some players are resistant to online gambling but a whole new breed of player is coming out of the wood work and making the most of online casinos. Keep reading to see how Australian online gambling started, how it has developed, where it is going and the best sites to play at.

The History of Online Gambling

Online gambling was one of the first things to come out when the Internet was even just starting to become widely accepted. The first step was taken when Antigua & Barbuda passed legislation allowing for businesses and other organizations to apply to operate online casinos legally. Around the same time, Cryptologic (a digital security company) was hard at work finding ways to allow for secure digital payment processing for the masses. These two developments came together at the perfect time to allow Microgaming to get into the game and start designing safe and reliable online casinos. By the close of 1994, online gambling had clearly arrived, but it still had a long way to go.

Throughout the nineties, online casino gambling grew rapidly from nothing. By 2001, there were eight million players world-wide and governments (including Australia) were starting to take notice. They began to pass legislation that restricted online gambling on the business side of things but players were generally permitted to continue playing. As computers and internet connections became faster and more powerful, though, and with such a huge market, casinos continued to get bigger and better every year. Graphics, sound effects, and casino interfaces are slowly moving towards an even more lifelike experience and a new generation of younger players are finally embracing online gambling like never before. Only time will tell how things will change in the next decade but we know one thing for sure - online casinos are here to stay!

Why Should I Play Online?

Think of all the fun that you have in a land based casino. You hear music, see bright lights, and watch as mountains of money go flying in every direction! This excitement is extremely difficult to capture, but online casinos are getting very, very close. If absolutely nothing else, playing with real money gives you the exact same thrill that pushes you to the edge of your seat. The only difference is that you can take full advantage of the convenience that online casino gambling offers. Don't waste time driving (or flying!) to a land based casino. Come home from work, sit down with your computer, and see what you can do at the tables!

The best online casinos are always changing and there always seems to be another premium casino right around the corner. Keeping up can be a real challenge but now that you have found our site, you don't have to worry about a thing! We dedicate ourselves to keeping a watchful eye on all major online casinos so we can tell Australian players like you exactly which online casinos deserve your attention. We found the best online gambling sites for Australians, reviewed them one-by-one, and posted them here for you! All you have to do is play!