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Thousands of vendors around the world are affiliated with Ukash - an online service that lets you make payments online using cold hard cash. This online payment service has spread like wild fire for a lot of reasons and online casinos are among the businesses most likely to accept Ukash deposits. Keep reading as we show you what thousands of Australian online casino players already know and help you get started. Then, we're going to show you all of the best online casinos for Australian players, just like you, that want to enjoy the convenience of Ukash online casino deposits.

The Ukash Advantage

Just like all modern electronic payment options, Ukash casino deposits allow you to put money into sites without having to send your personal details to every online casino you want to try. This is important for protecting yourself from identity theft, but this banking method takes things one step further by making sure even they don't know who you are! Here's how it works. Go to a petrol station or convenience store near you to buy a Ukash card with cash. Once activated, the nineteen digit code on your card will be linked to an anonymous account worth the same amount of money that you spent on the card! This leads to an unrivalled level of privacy as nobody can track your activities. It finally allows for truly anonymous real money online gambling!

Since these are essentially prepaid cards, you can play at online Ukash casinos with no risk of spending beyond what you can pay (as there is with credit cards). With no credit checks or references needed to get started, literally anyone can take advantage of Ukash online casino deposits! Just be aware that the 19-digit code on your Ukash card should be treated just as if it were cash. Don't give these numbers out to people that you do not trust because, if they use your money, you don't have any way of getting it back! The fact, though, that identity theft is impossible when using Ukash more than makes up for this one risk. Just play it safe and keep your information to yourself and limit the value that you have linked to any one Ukash identification number.

Our Favourite Internet Ukash Casinos

Once you locate a nearby Ukash dealer, you only need to find an Internet casino accepting Ukash deposits. These are far from rare but just because an online casino accepts these kinds of deposits, you cannot simply assume that it is a good choice for you. Instead, rely on our help to identify the premium online casinos that Australian players can truly trust and enjoy. We slowly tested all of the best options on the Internet to make sure we were only recommending the best, and we are positive that you'll be satisfied with any and all of these Ukash online casinos. The best way to find out is to simply go ahead and create a free account to see what makes each one of these sites so great. Then, whenever you'd like to take you game to the next level, start making online Ukash casino deposits knowing that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.